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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take from the initial for the representative to come to my house
for a estimate?
A: Most of the time our representative comes the same day, however if they can't come the same day
they will schedule the earliest possible time.

Q: Do you charge for estimates or measurements for my windows and doors?
A: No we don't charge our estimates are a free service.

Q: Do you have a showroom?
A: Yes we have a show room. We also have an expert who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Q: How can I be guaranteed that I will receive your lowest price?
A: The price quoted is always the lowest price for our quality products.

Q: How can your prices be so low for quality products?
A: We only visit with you in the comfort of your home when you are ready to make a purchasing decision… saving you money because we do not have to make expensive non-productive sales calls.

Q: How can I be sure that your windows or doors are manufactured to the highest quality standards?
A: All of our Albvision windows and doors are certified by the Government endorsed "Energy Star" program and qualify for rebates where applicable.

Q: How long after I place an order, will my new windows and be installed?
A: You new windows and doors will typically be installed between 2 - 4 weeks from the date of your order.

Q: How long will the actual installation take?
A: On most installations, 8 - 10 windows will be installed in one day. A replacement entrance door will take approximately 4 hours to install.

Q: What are the differences between "Retrofit" and "Brick to Brick" installation?
A: The differences are as follows:

"Brick to Brick" (Full Frame Replacement)

If the existing wood frames are rotten then it is recommended to install your new windows in this manner.

Installation: The entire frame of the existing window including the interior casing trim is removed. The new window is installed directly to the wooden frame (studs) of the house and has attached interior wood or vinyl jamb extensions.

Insulation: Expanding foam insulation is inserted between the vinyl window frame and the frame of the house.

Interior Finish: Interior casing trim finish is available in a variety of wood finishes or vinyl.

Exterior Finish: Exterior vinyl brickmould is attached to the window frame to cover the gap between the window and the brick or siding. Caulking is applied to seal any tiny tolerance gaps between the brickmould and the exterior wall.

If there are any inherent problems or lack of insulation between the frame of the house and the frames of the existing "builders" windows, then… when the original frames are removed, any hidden problems are now eliminated and the gap between the frame of the house and the new vinyl window frame will be fully insulated with expanding foam insulation ensuring the highest energy efficiency.


If the existing frames of the existing windows are not rotten, then your new windows can be installed in this manner.

Installation: The existing window frame that is attached to the frame of the house and the interior casing trim is not removed. Only the existing operating or fixed section of the window is removed and the new window is installed into the existing frame opening.

Insulation: Expanding foam insulation is inserted between the vinyl window frame and the existing window sub frame.

Interior Finish: The existing interior casing trim and wood or drywall returns remain intact and are not replaced.

Exterior Finish: Existing exterior wood frames and brickmould are covered with formed aluminum capping.

The glass area of your new replacement windows will be reduced as the replacement windows are installed into the existing perimeter frames of the original windows.

Because the original perimeter frames of the original windows are not removed, you cannot be certain that the gap between the frame of the house and the existing perimeter frames of the original windows were adequately insulated.

Q: Is there a cost difference between "Retrofit" and "Brick to Brick" installation?
A: The cost of a "Retrofit" project is less than the cost of a "Brick to Brick" installed project.

Q: Will I lose some of my window glass area when I replace my windows?
A: Yes. The frames of new vinyl windows are approximately 1 - 1 ½ " thicker than your original "builders" windows. Because the frames are bigger the glass area will be less than your original areas.
By removing the existing frames and installing your new windows in a "brick to brick" manner, you will recover some of the "lost" glass area as this method of installation will result in approximately 1½ " - 2 " more glass coverage than retrofit installed windows.

Q: Do I need triple pane glass in my new windows?
A: Unless you live in an area where you are subjected to long periods of extreme cold or hot weather, our Power Smart windows equipped with either Low E or Low E2 and Argon Gas are more than sufficient to cope with keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer and will at all times save you money on your utility bills.
The third pane of a triple pane sealed unit adds 30% more weight to the sashes, placing an additional strain on moving parts.

Q: If I replace my entrance doors, what are my options?
A: Albvision entrance door systems are available in either steel or fibre glass finishes.

Q: If I replace my patio door, what are my options?
A: Albvision offers you a choice of Garden Door systems in steel or fibre glass finishes and a full range of vinyl patio doors.

Q: Will the colours of my new replacement windows and doors match?
A: The "white" colour of the Albvision vinyl patio doors are colour matched.
If you require other colour finishes we will match the colours of all your new replacement windows and doors.